Finding the Right Idea for Right Now

Disclaimer: I had help coming to this realization (thank you Heather if you are reading this). There are still moments of doubt and I have to actively remind myself of what I am about to tell you... Are you ready for it? Here it is:

When you have a million ideas, beginning with one does NOT mean you must abandon everything else.

It's so simple and obvious and yet, all too often, creative people get paralyzed by the fear of choosing the wrong path as those dreams, goals and new ideas continue to bounce around inside their heads like pinballs in a pinball machine. The anxiety grows as each idea practically yells at you for your undivided attention and you start to think, "How can I choose just one? What about that one? Or that one?! But I love doing this too!"

The biggest thing that has held me back - and I'm sure many other creatives - is the lack of permission to pursue multiple passions. You are allowed to choose more than one idea. The trick is choosing which one is right for right now.

Choosing an idea to pursue right now does not mean you need to say goodbye to all the rest. What you need to do is to discern which idea or passion is the most meaningful to you in this particular moment of your life. I know that this is easier said than done, but the fact that you are simply prioritizing ideas rather than throwing them away will help you move past the analysis paralysis.

How I found the Right Idea for Right Now

Make a List

It all begins with a list. Write down your ideas, your dreams, your goals. Just write down every thing you ever wanted to pursue. Don't go into details. Write the "what" and not the "how."

Do you see a theme? Can you spot the pattern? Perhaps there is even a chance that one idea would flow very well into the next one, after you've spent some time bringing it to life.

Serious vs. Dabbling

Again, don't agonize here. Whatever you write down is not set in stone. Go through your list and throw those ideas into one of these categories. Could you see yourself seriously pursuing one? Maybe you just enjoy the other so you'd rather just dabble and do it for yourself.

Connect the dots

Now take a look at your "Serious" list. You've just narrowed down your options. Go through this short list and pick one idea. Don't freak out now. Choose a starting point and try connecting the dots to the rest of your goals and dreams. Don't put dates; this is a lose timeline. Just begin with one dream.

Et Voila!

Giving yourself permission to pursue more than one dream at time allows you the breathing room to make a start. All you did by choosing was choose a place to begin, while leaving all the doors open.

The only time constraint you should give yourself is a window of time to give your chosen idea a chance to flourish. If it doesn't feel right, then try again with a new idea for right now.

Your ideas do not have to be mutually exclusive. By narrowing down your choices for right now, you are giving yourself the opportunity to actually try rather than getting stuck in a rut. You might even discover that some of those ideas are actually not great for you after all. Who knows... At least you will have tried.

P.S. I'm not an expert, but Heather is.