The Ethereal Collection

Watercolour on paper | 2019

Playing with colour and the movement of water on paper, the “Ethereal Collection” was born. What began as a painting without a plan, evolved into something inspired by myth and magic that surrounds us in the forms of creativity and nature. It is the misty mountains in distance or the blurred lines of butterfly wings; it is the lines of movement of great paintings that adorn centuries old buildings and the organic shapes that water creates in a landscape.

Each piece in this collection is unique, sometimes inspired by an experience, at other times inspired by the colours I see in nature. Some paintings have a story while others have only a colour story.

The most unexpected things appear on the paper and even more exciting about this collection is that every person sees something different. No two viewers feel the same thing when they look at an abstract painting. Perhaps it sparks a memory, or maybe you simply love the soft mixing of colour.

It’s beautiful!!! Seriously. Delicate and airy — it’s so easy to “over paint.” This is elegant.” - Emily Jeffords

Ethereal 1.jpg
Ethereal 1.jpg
Ethereal 5.jpg
Ethereal 7.jpg
Ethereal 9 mini.jpg
Ethereal 6.jpg
Ethereal 8 Venus.jpg