Painting Smocks


Fear not messy creators! I’ve got you covered, front and back! These beautiful smocks are designed to protect you from all angles. Each smock has a large front pocket with elastic slots on the inside to hold your tools of creation and prevent them from bouncing around as you work.

There are three ways to tie your smock: front, back and sides!

Made from thick and sturdy katsa fabric, this textile is native to the Philippines and is similar to duck canvas but slightly softer.

Each smock features a hand stamped and painted mermaid and comes in a range colours from warm soft peaches and pinks to fresh blues and turquoises.

*More pictures coming soon!

The Fine Print:

All work © Inés Beatriz. Sale does not transfer copyright, distribution or reproduction rights to buyer.

Keep in mind that all computer monitors display colour differently, so the fabric may differ slightly in colour from the image you see onscreen. Each piece is made from the same fabric and colour.

Thank you for shopping with me! I am truly grateful for you 

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