The Warm + Cool Primaries Palette - La Sirena Watercolours


This palette of handmade watercolours contains the essential colours, your primaries. The top row features your cool primaries and the bottom row contains your warm primaries. While primaries are essential, this palette was inspired by the Fauvists, in particular, Henri Matisse’s, “Woman in the Hat.”

In the real world there are no perfect or pure reds, blues and yellows. They all have a warm or cool bias which is a result of the pigments used in the making of paint. The temperature of your colours can have a huge impact on the colours you mix. By providing both in a single set, you have a very wide range of colour mixing capabilities.

Each set includes 6 half pans:

  • Hansa Yellow Medium

  • Cobalt Teal

  • Quinacridone Magenta

  • Yellow Oxide

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Napthol Red

*Pigment Info and Mixing Charts coming soon!

Each pan is hand poured over multiple weeks and use a special binder containing organic, Australian honey. Mulled by hand, these paints were crafted using traditional techniques after careful testing to create a beautiful paints that are loaded with pigment. A little goes a long way!

Each set comes in a reusable metal tin. Some cracking or a slightly sticky consistency is normal and may appear depending on the climate and the pigment. It’s appearance in the pan will not affect the use or the ability of the paint to re-wet. If the paint is tacky, place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before unwrapping.

Ingredients: Pigment, gum arabic, glycerin, honey, clove oil and water

Please note that your tin may arrive wrapped in this or a different paper. It will be a lovely surprise!

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