Beginner Watercolours for Adults

Mondays 7-9pm
May. 27 to Jul. 8

Botanical Illustration

Mondays 7-9pm
Apr. 8 to May 20

Tuesdays 10-12pm
May 14 to Jun. 18

Sign up at The Luminous Elephant!

Sign up at The Luminous Elephant!

Learn the magic of painting from the ground up! No experience necessary.

In the adult painting classes, we will go through the basic techniques of your chosen medium (watercolour or acrylic), from colour mixing to composition. You will acquire the skills and tips you need to create beautiful paintings in a range of styles. We also discuss the world of art, amazing artists and fascinating tidbits of art history.

A materials list will be supplied upon sign up for any of the adult classes.



Drawing + Watercolour + Ink Workshops!

Join me for a spell and discover a new hobby, improve your skills or just have a good time with kindred spirits.

In each workshop, we will tackle the subjects of how to find inspiration, use reference images and discover your personal style. You will be introduced to the basics of watercolour painting and receive hands on guidance on how to compose and craft beautiful art. We will also touch on topics like colour theory, creative process and art history.

Each ticket includes light refreshments, a little gift bag and, if you opt in, new art materials to take home with you, along with your creations.

Ticket prices vary according to workshop.

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Art + Coffee

Join me for a casual creative date at a local coffee shop!

Art + Coffee is all about providing you with customized private instruction on the fundamentals of drawing and/or painting with watercolours in a relaxed environment. We will talk about things such as colour theory and composition, all the while creating beautiful art.

If you are located in Vancouver, BC and you wish to learn how to draw or paint with watercolours, do get in touch!

Each session is a minimum of 2 hours.

art-materials-close-up-colorful-1629816 (1).jpg

Art Supply Shopping

If you need help shopping before our lessons together, don’t be shy to ask! We can nerd out at the local art shops!

My go to places for materials are Opus Art Supplies, Phoenix Art Workshop or Deserres.

We’ll talk about which materials you should splurge on and which ones you can save on. Together, we’ll get you kitted out with the most needed materials and make sure it meets your budget without compromising quality.